About time for an update...

Ok, well, so much has happened in the last three weeks, it's going to take me awhile to get it all posted up here. As a preview for posts to come here's a run down in chronological order:

  • go home to Halifax to prepare for wedding
  • Sat. June 3, get married
  • Sat. June 3, have laptop, ipod, and a long list of other items stolen from car
  • Sun. June 4, gift opening (thanks everyone!!)
  • Mon. June 5, call pawn shops and look in garbage cans and in bushes for my stuff... without success, and fly back to Montreal without Veronica and Skip (my 12" G4 Powerbook and iPod mini)
  • Tues-Fri, deal with aftermath of theft and try to get read to go to Paris
  • June 9-18, forget about everything else and enjoy honeymoon in Paris!
  • June 18, bad, looooong flight back... merci, Air France
  • yesterday, go to computer store... lay out many $$, to come home with "Clothilde" my new... fast! but kinda big laptop

So... I will get to posting as I can (especially now that I have a computer again). I'll even try to stick up a few pictures! But for now... I need to get some work done.

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