science news: nano patch-up, here's to winter

Two articles in ScienceNOW caught my attention today:

Nano-bio takes heart... or heals it at least. Samuel Stupp of Northwestern has published a paper in NanoLetters on the use of self-assembled nanofibers to increase the concentration of growth factors in injured tissue (specifically, corneal and heart tissue in mice) helping to stimulate blood vessel growth for healing. I've seen some of Stupp's work before and I have to say it was very impressive... that time he was presenting work he did using self-assembled nanofibers to recreate the scaffolding needed for nerve regrowth in spinal injuries. In terms of safety of such a treatment, I'm sure there is much to be done, however, the concept seems like it should be safe as these nanofibers consist of biocompatible molecules, and the fibers themselves are broken down over time, or can be induced to essentially fall apart.

Check out the ScienceNOW article. For those of you with access the article contains a link to the NanoLetters paper.

ScienceNOW: If I Only Had a Nano-Heart

Let's raise a glass to winter. Ok, this article is just kind of general interest, and struck me as kind of fun. Seems that the same systems in our bodies which help to regulate temperature are related to those which are responsible for ethanol detoxificaton. The jist? Cooler climes means higher alcohol tolerance... maybe... at least in fruit flies. Well, that's enough for me to drink to as winter prepares to blow in. :)

Check out the ScienceNOW article for more details (maybe someone who actually knows some bio or physiology would get more out of it...).

ScienceNOW: Hot Flies, Good Times

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