... and now for something different

I've decided to start a new section of "Mad Scientist" here I will call: "covet". Yes, I want things. I want lots of things. I'm betting you all do too and will drool over things with me here.

Today I want these:

Aren't they beautiful? The other colours are gorgeous too... really I'm not sure if I could decide. Fluevog makes the most interesting pretty, pretty shoes (and he's canadian... so I'd be supporting the economy... right? right??). I aspire to own a pair someday. I nearly bought boots last fall... a moment of weakness shopping with a friend... thank goodness they didn't have my size.

is this just a vain attempt to pull myself out of my blogging slump? is it really just that i don't feel like working today because i need something to be delivered and just found out it hasn't even been shipped and the alternative isn't fun at all? maybe... li'l column a, li'l column b...

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