i guess i'd do ok if whisked back to the 1930's...

I don't know how this came out so positive, but apparently I'd be an average housewife of the 1930's. Honestly, one look around this apartment would cause you to beg to differ, but when are internet quizzes accurate anyway.

Derived from an actual document (which you can view here) that gives some interesting insight into how things have changed over the years, it has now been put into the form of an internet quiz.


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

Seen over at Dr. Brazen Hussy's who didn't fare so well (but has a roomba so likely doesn't have a dust bunny colony threatening her existance).

(Addendum, apparently hubby is "very superior"... I didn't believe him so I rated him too and it came out even higher... lucky me! Interesting that we noted the wife is expected to fulfill a societal role and maintain the status quo, but the husband gets extra points for going outside his expected role... perhaps the biggest difference between the 1930's and now?)

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lost clown said...

I'm an even poorer wife then you are, but IIRC I got 126 on the husband test. I am such a catch!