Piled Higher and Deeper... they weren't kidding

My desk as it stands today:

Piled higher and Deeper...

Piles upon piles... stacks upon stacks... books and notes and files everywhere. I guess that's where PhD comics got the "Piled higher and Deeper" moniker from.

But wait... what is that sitting at the edge of my desk...

$20: acco press binders, $15: pack of labels, $25: 30 page hole punch, submitting your PhD thesis?  Priceless

... could that be seven thesis copies bound and labelled in acco press binders? forms all signed and ready for submission?? Why yes, that's exactly what those are, and submit it is exactly what I did first thing this morning.



EthidiumBromide said...

Woah. You have such a nice desk. I am totally in awe. And your chair looks pretty comfy, too.
I think this is why my desk is always so neat and tidy -- there is just no damn room to pile anything.

Congrats on the thesis submission! How exciting!!

physics*chick said...

Haha! Thanks, yeah, the "nice" desk (it's big, but old and some drawers are broken) came at the price of being on a different floor from the rest of the group. Since my lab is in a different building anyway, I figured I'd rather have a big desk and a bit of space. The chair is deceiving... it LOOKS like a good, comfy chair, but actually isn't... It's like a chair knockoff or something. : \

Thanks for the congrats. It is definitely still sinking in.

pense-bete said...

Hi there! We don't know each other, but I'm currently finishing my MA thesis at McGill.
Do you mind if I ask where you got your theses bound in those Acco-Press binders? And how long it took?
Thanks so much! I would really appreciate it.


physics*chick said...

Hi pense-bete,

You can get the acco-press binders at Bureau en gros or at the McGill bookstore. As far as I know there isn't a place to take them to "get them bound". I printed mine in the department and hole punched them to put in the acco-press binders. I recommend tracking down a decent hole punch if it is a long thesis!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm about to submit my master's thesis and I called Copy Nova and the lady there said that they can acco-press bind your thesis. Not sure how much it costs but I'm guessing it's worth it :)