Meme-time: 6 random things about me

Tagged a while back by the lovely but disgruntled Julie...

The rules:

At long last and in no particular order:

  1. I am deathly afraid of anything that stings. Bees, wasps, hornets, jellyfish (which are gross anyway), and probably scorpions though I've never met one. This deep seated phobia most likely results from the fact that I have never been stung combined with all those awful reports about killer bees and too many bee segments on sesame street when I was but a wee lass. Now, at the ripe old age of 28, I leap up and run away, usually flailing and screaming like an imbecile at the sight of such a creature. It is incredibly embarrassing. ... and now I have shared it with the entire internet...
  2. A list within a list: 6 places I love and would run off to in a heart-beat, again in no particular order because that would require too much thought and not be very random. Halifax, Chamonix-Mont Blanc, Bermuda, Paris, San Gimignano, San Sebastian. I would like to see: Rome, Kyoto, all of New Zealand, Hawaii, New York (no! never been!), Crete.
  3. I very seriously considered doing a degree in Music. I started playing violin when I was 8 years old "because my friends were doing it" and played seriously all through school and undergrad. I still play occasionally, though not enough to keep my skills up. I told myself that I could always pick it up again later, but that I wasn't likely to go back to physics if I stopped.
  4. I very seriously considered not doing a PhD. In fact I moved all my stuff across the country... and then moved it back when I changed my mind. I hated grad school. Then I realized that was normal, and actually I did like research (just not grad school).
  5. I learned to knit when I was about 9. I wanted to learn when I saw my grandmother knitting in her chair once when we were visiting when I was very small. I have a vague fuzzy memory of sitting on the floor looking up at what she was doing while watching her soaps and realizing she was making something real out of yarn, and as with everything at that age, well, I wanted to do it too. She said I was too young but promised to teach me when I was older. Unfortunately she didn't get the chance as she passed away not too long after, but my mother kept the bargain a few years later and I knit a scarf for my Dad for Christmas as my first real project. I was pretty proud of myself (for making it and managing to keep it a surprise!), and pretty sure my Nanny would approve. :) I didn't keep up knitting then, but the skills returned quickly when I picked up again a few years ago to pass the sometimes long waiting times in the lab.*
  6. I cannot eat tomatoes. I'm not allergic, but I have such a strong dislike that I cannot swallow them. This causes problems as most people, like my husband who went ahead and cooked a whole lasagne for me without asking first, assume that everyone likes tomatoes. I once even had a tomato nightmare: I dreamed that I was eating raw potatoes out of a sack (don't ask where that came from... no I don't eat raw potatoes either), and then I pulled out a tomato and *shudder* took a giant chomp out of it! blaegh.

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*ah, yes, this is how a lot of my knitting projects get completed, sitting in front of the computer as data is being acquired. it is a great way to pass time when you need to do something requiring little to no thought every 8 min. *knit, knit, knit, click, click, save, click knit, knit...* this is an excellent strategy for passing the time and getting knitting done, even if it is somewhat awkward when your supervisor walks in with an important visitor and starts to ask if you are making a whole sweater. sadly, since writing, my knitting productivity has drastically decreased.


EthidiumBromide said...

Wait, you knit in the lab? For real? I've so been tempted to do this lately, but I always feel guilty, like I should at least pretend to look like I'm doing something science related, and if I'm sitting there knitting, then obviously I'm not fooling anyone. And tomorrow, I have at LEAST 12 hours of circular dichrosim runs, which are basically sit there and stare at the machine, because it's in a separate building from my lab so I don't even have my computer to occupy me... so I've really wanted to bring my knitting... but occasionally one of my thesis committee members pops in... I wonder if he thinks it would be unprofessional. But I could get so much progress done in 12+ hours! Hmm....

physics*chick said...

Seriously! That's how I got knitting again. A friend of mine started bringing her knitting into the lab, and I thought it was BRILLIANT. Of course it all depends on your co-workers and supervisors, but if they are ok, it's an AWESOME way to pass the time.

What, did you think I just sat at home and knit all day? ;)

EthidiumBromide said...

Haha, so I figured since I had to be in the lab at 5 this morning, I would at least keep myself awake by knitting until anyone else showed up, which is generally 8am at the earliest. So I'm sitting at my desk while my proteins are dialyzing, knitting away, and lo and behold, one of the PIs, who NEVER comes in before 9, walks in at 7:15, sees me knitting, and says "What the fuck is that, and why is it going on in the lab?" BUSTED. Oops.

physics*chick said...

Oh geez! You have the WORST luck!! What an ass.