Quebec is dumb... I can't change my name

Ok, so I spent a lot of time trying to decide what to do with my name when we get married. I had finally come to the decision that I would hyphenate mine and his so that officially I was both, professionally I would become Dr. Me, and socially I would be Mrs. Him. But since we are getting married in NS, and living in Quebec, it took me awhile to figure out how to do this... or rather find out that I cannot!

Here's the jist of it. Usually, when two people are married, the woman takes the husband's name. Some people find this antiquated, some like the tradition, some women keep their names due to professional reputations they have established. I grappled with all these notions to come to my decision. Despite not really liking hyphenated names, it seemed the best compromise. I'm a traditional kind of gal, and wanted to take his name, but I've got papers published in my name, and lots of connections made through conferences as Miss. Me.

Since we are getting married in N.S. and our marriage license comes from there, this seemed like the logical place to start looking for name change information. I very quickly found out that since we are now residing in Quebec, N.S. is not involved. So, I started looking for info from Quebec. It seemed to be very difficult to track down anything on the subject however. Wondering if perhaps we were a special case (of course we are... we always are...) and maybe this was all part of the marriage license process here, I sent a message through their website inquiring as to how to change my name. They sent a message back explaining that as of 1981, one does not, and cannot change their name by marriage, and must use one's maiden name for all official purposes, including legal documents, credit cards, etc, but may assume their husband's surname socially only.

I did some checking around, and it seems like other provinces do not impose this, but make it quite easy to make the name change when marrying. So I am frustrated. What right does Quebec have to dictate whether I follow this age-old, and widely accepted tradition?? Hurumph.


Anonymous said...

civil law (QC) versus common law (rest of Canada) is the difference. it has NOTHING to do with Quebec trying to be distinct or a pain in the butt. history has made it so.

Anonymous said...

any update to this?

i've recently moved to quebec and i'm also looking into a name change...

Freedom of Choice said...

Let's do what we can to remove this outdated and stupid law that FORBIDS the Freedom of Choice!

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