Wedding Planner is not a job!

So for many years, I never really understood why "wedding planner" was a job. I mean, it's supposed to be your special day, it seemed odd to me how anyone would want someone else to take over planning it... especially since I never wanted a "cookie-cutter" wedding (not that anyone really does). Plus, I like planning things. I like adding those little touches that make things special. But now that we're down to 11 days and have an increasingly lengthy list of things yet to do? I get it. Handing over the bizillions of details involved in planning a wedding does not necessarily mean that you hand over the vision of your day, but it would certainly free up a lot more of your time to enjoy the whole process.

People keep asking me: "Are you excited? Oh, you must be sooo excited!!!". I am, don't get me wrong, I'm very happy that in 11 days we will be there, on the actual day, getting married! But the planning, and the "what about this?" and the "oh, no, we forgot about that!" takes a lot of the fun out of it. And here's the thing: You only ever plan a wedding once! (well hopefully...) So, really, unlike most of the other things we do in our lives, you just don't get a chance to get good at it, and have the experience to know the when's, how's, how much's, who's, etc.

So now it all makes sense to me. If you're short on time, and have the money to spare, it seems perfectly reasonable to have someone else take care of the details. That way you can focus on the things that really matter and enjoy it all.

Anyway, I know we will have a wonderful day, and having done everything ourselves there is certain to be a touch of us in every aspect of the day. And yes, I am excited. It happened this morning when I looked across the breakfast table at my fiance and realized in just a few days he will be my husband. One can't beat that for a way to start the day! :)

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