deeper and deeper and deeper and why am i blogging!?!?

So last week I was running an experiment and despite my best attempts to multitask, a new to do list grew out of the old one... the worst is that I know I'm not putting everything on them... I can't handle seeing all of it in one place. So I just put what I think I can probably get done in a couple of days. Today three things have stars next to them... that means they really ought to be done today. One thing requires getting a new compication with my new laptop not being able to run old things sorted out so that will probably get transfered to the next to do list. ~fun~

The big things not on my "to do"? The long paper which is long overdue for writing I must be working on (it graduated to its very own "to do" list), and the "to read" pile that just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

That's the "to do" and part of the "to read"...

So, if I don't blog for awhile, it's for my own good.

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