a fresh face

So, I decided a few days ago that my blog template was "agressively boring" and it was time for a change. What do I mean by "agressively boring"? Well, here's the old page:

What was I thinking, just look at all that grey! Ugh! I came up with the term "agressively boring" in regards to the cover of my 4th year Quantum Mechanics book which had stripes of 3 shades of grey... like it was just trying so hard to be boring. And what did I do with my own blog? Shades of grey... shades of grey everywhere.

So in my attempts to stay awake today after being in the lab until 2am last night, I made some changes. The photos in the title graphic are mine, the fireworks are from Basel and the clock is from le Cafe des Hauteurs at the Musee d'Orsay in Paris. I don't know if the molecule background is going to stick... I think it might be too busy looking... but at least it's not grey. I also want to change some of the text colours, but man, I am just too tired to track down where all those are in the template. Another day... another day...

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