things I hope to blog about soon...

There are two big things I really want to blog about, but just haven't found the time:

  1. Nanoscience and Nanotechnology safety and Good Science There were a couple of articles in the journal "Nature" about Nanosci/tech and health and safety considerations and where we need to go to address the potential problems we don't even know exist yet. I am itching to read this, as well as a comment on "science's bad public image". I hope to write something on this soon.

  2. Quebec is a nation... within a nation... consisting of... ? Those of you in Canada will surely be sick of hearing about this on the news by the time I get around to commenting... but being an Anglo in Quebec from another province... I know I just won't be able to resist contributing my two cents to this already over hashed topic!

So... if I could just get this big ol' research paper written... ie. finish the last of the analysis needed to finish writing said research paper... mainly I need to draw a diagram, but it turns out to be more involved than one would think drawing a diagram possibly could be... because it has to be correct... psish... what is it with scientists and being right? Anyway, if I could just get my darned work out of the way I could dive into these fun and interesting topics. sigh~

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