2007: in the yarn

2007: in the yarn, originally uploaded by physics*chick.

2007 was actually a pretty big year of knitting for me, but somehow not much of it really made it to the blog. To summarize:

Not bad! I'd still like to get around to blogging a few (especially my sweater!). I've already got one FO for 2008 I want to share, and was making rapid progress on another I'm in love with until I got derailed by my knitterly ADD.


EthidiumBromide said...

I am insanely jealous with all your knitting. I somehow to suckered into crocheting all 90+ yarmulkes for my wedding, and have done nothing but crochet in circles for the past 8 months (and still have 35ish to go). My knitting needles are definitely neglected, and I miss them!
Also, how do you get involved with ravelry? Any easier way than waiting for the 7,081 people ahead of me to be invited?

physics*chick said...

Thanks for you comment ethidium bromide!

About the yarmulkes... that's... that's... I'm so sorry... Sounds like one of those things that seems like a good idea until you get into it. Weddings do that a lot. Good luck!

About Ravelry, I waited about 3 months for my invite. They no longer give out invites to existing beta testers to distribute, so the waiting list is the only way. However, the list is now only 7,150 and they send out 500-800 invites/day, which means by my calculation if you sign up now you only have to wait 9-14 days! That's at most two weeks! Then a brand new method of procrastination could be at your fingertips too! Yipee!