Evening stroll

So, having given up on the laundry situation (see below... yes they are still busy) I went down to the Duisburg Rathaus and Innenhafen. The weather had cleared up from the earlier thunderstorms, but there were still some pretty dramatic clouds hanging around in the sky. I had a nice walk, and took a few pictures. I also managed to get an ice cream on the way back. :) I love that Germans love ice cream and even when everything else is closed you can still get it.

Here are a few pictures from my walk...

Dramatic clouds... definately.

In the Innenhafen.

Of the Innenhafen.

I thought this looked a bit like a surrealist paining... except that it's real.

The Salvatorkirche, next to the Rathaus.

So, Duisburg might not be the prettiest city in Europe, but give a bit of nice weather and it's really not so bad! Everyone here seems pretty down on it, and has most tried to send me elsewhere for sightseeing. I'm glad I walked around tonight. There is a nice green space along the canal and it really is a great place for an evening stroll.

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