More Basel... mostly photos

Here are a few more photos from Basel... some of the ones I am happy with and played around with to make interesting. (Above is the Lallekonig... um... the tounge king. A wooden replica of a mechanical statue that rolled its eyes and stuck out its tounge at the citizens of "KleinBasel"... lower Basel... across the Rhine.)

Basel is home to several major pharmaceutical companies and as such, the old town is flanked by fairly large, fairly prominent smoke (or whatever) stacks. This statue by the Rhine seemed to be looking rather whistfully off towards one in the distance. I suppose things have changed quite a bit for him over the years.

Statue on the front face of the Muenster... from on the face of the Muenster after climbing the bell tower (ie. rather high above the street... roof-tops...). The sky was so beautifully blue that as I reduced the saturation to fade out the colour to black & white the blue was still quite prominent, so I left it like that.

Again, the Muenster cloister... I really liked the colour of the ferns and the tiled roof. If you look really carefully (um... at least in the high resolution file) you can see the glass from the window distoring the far bank of the Rhine.

One of the two Muenster towers. I love the red stone, and the bright sky makes it look like it is really piercing the heavens.

The pulpit of the Muenster. Beautiful carving. The light was pouring into the church then too which was quite beautiful.

And last but not least! Two of many pictures I took at the fireworks for Swiss National Day. Big party, tons of fireworks. I've tried to post a whole collection on Flickr, but they don't seem to be viewable yet... I'll post when they are.

That's all for now, though I have lots of other photos waiting to be posted somewhere!

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