New Pictures: Aachen, Munster

So, I have finally put up some more pictures!

I went to Aachen the first full weekend I was in Germany. It was quite nice, and quite interesting. Certainly there was a lot of impressive architechture. Here is part of the Pfalz:

I got to tag along to Munster on a scientific journey to learn about quartz tuning fork sensors. The discussion was in German, so I didn't get to much out of it, but we did have some time for sightseeing.

So, if you'd like to check out more photos, they can be found with the others:

Sarah's EuroTrip 2006

Enjoy! There's lots more to come, I have two days in Cologne, and more from Zolverein and Essen, and Osnabruck, and pictures from the Duisburg Zoo!!!

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