Merry Christmas!

my new camera!, originally uploaded by saburke.

Sorry for the lack of posts everyone... I've been a busy little elf these past few days! Apparently hubby was busily elfing some time ago to arrange the arrival of this beaute in my hands this morning. It's amazing, he's amazing for thinking of it! He even included black and white film for me to try it out. I can't wait to get roll one developed! I can tell I'm going to have a lot of fun with this camera!!!

I have to admit though, that I'm a little intimidated. I only started with this SLR thing a few months ago, and the beauty of the Rebel is sort of that you can know as little or as much as you want. Now I really have to learn. I'm excited, but a little nervous! :s

Merry Christmas to everyone, and Happy Holidays for others. We are having a wonderful holiday with everyone and hope you all are too!

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