more film, life in colour this time

lone sailboat, not lonely, originally uploaded by physics*chick.

More photos from out west and trip home, this time taken with the Olympus. First colour roll of film. I chose a pro film that was supposed to have high saturation and cool tones which worked out well for the Ferry. Unfortunately many of the scans lacked the saturation and good tone depth that the prints had, so I tinkered with them in iPhoto. Anything that looks a bit strange is likely a result of my over processing the scans... except for the japanese maple, that one looks just as trippy in the print! :)


  • Olympus OM-1
  • Zuiko OM 50mm/f1.8 lens
  • Fujicolor pro 160C color negative film (ISO 160)

I ♥ this camera.


WeeDram said...

Scanning is an art, which I am just learning, so be patient. The OM is a GREAT camera, and as you add lenses, you will love it more and more. My favourite lenses beside the 50/1.8:


I also love the 21/2, but that is SERIOUS dough. I'm lucky to have it.

physics*chick said...

Wow, 21/f2... lucky!

I am absolutely smitten with my OM and can't wait to get more lenses.

Scanning, I'm sure is an art, but unfortunately one I don't even have control over as I'm getting film developed at a shop and having them scan the negs. My guess is that there's some sort of auto adjust going on as all the histograms looked quite similar despite being having very different color and tone range in the prints.

WeeDram said...

If you can find a lab that will scan to high-res TIFF, you will be in business. TIFF files are to scanning what RAW is to digital camera capture ... no compression. While you can change a lot of variables in the scanner, generally the default settings of a scanner will give you decent if not great "raw" files with which to work.