vacay is a good thing

big BC sky, originally uploaded by physics*chick (aka saburke).

So we recently went out west (to what I often call the "wrong side"... being a east coast sort) for a summer school, a wedding, and a wee little vacation.

Some comments about Victoria BC:

  • People drive 35km/hr. No joke. We were almost late for the wedding. 35 people!!! THIRTY-FIVE!
  • The weather is adjusted for optimal comfort in the summer. Warm, but not too warm. Dry, not muggy, but not too dry either. Everyday as we exited the hotel and I wondered if I'd dressed appropriately for the weather, a giant smile just crept up onto my face as I realized that it didn't matter, because I was just going to be comfortable all day.
  • Downtown gets pretty empty in the evening. Don't try to find something to eat after 9pm. It will be difficult.
  • J.J. Wonton Noodle House is still amazing. And according to their fortune cookie I will have "good money-luck next month". Here's hoping for that.

We had fun just relaxing and wondering around for a few days in a place we both briefly called home.

Vacation is good.

Best of digital photos are up on Flickr now, and my film should be ready, I just have to pick it up and post those.

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lost clown said...

I love Victoria, it's so quaint and beautiful. But yeah ALL drivers on the west coast drive insanely slow. My friend's goa a little joke: In Washington if you want someone to drive 25 mph post a sign that says 35 mph.

Glad you had fun. I'm sorta sick of this coast now, I so miss the east.