(almost) end of day update

So, lest I leave you with the impression that all is rosey after my upbeat, chipper, happy morning post... I figured I'd update as this seemingly never-ending day, I think, finally is drawing near a close.

Top 10 signs the day is long:

  1. It feels like Friday. 12 hours ago it felt like Monday.
  2. Your eyes are scratchy.
  3. You can't remember what you had for lunch (peanut butter... I think... but only because that's what I usually have).
  4. You wonder why you are still wearing the same clothes as yesterday... oh wait, no, that was today.
  5. Half your dinner is sitting beside you in a styrofoam container.
  6. You keep wondering why you can't figure out what day of the week it is... oh right, still Monday.
  7. It's 9pm and you're still sitting in the flourescently lit hell vaugely refered to by most as "the lab", and still have things to do before going home.
  8. You have written three blog posts in 1 day, when usually you post less than once/day.
  9. You find yourself convincing yourself: "Self?" "Yes, self?" "We can do that tomorrow, right?" "Yes, I think so. Good call, self."
  10. Actually you are too tired to think of 10 things...

It hasn't really been a bad day; I am happy to be doing an experiment. It's just been really long... and well, not as sucessful as I'd hoped. It does still feel better than sitting in my office battling words though!

So, um, I'll finish up then, and see if my sanity returns again in the morning. *fingers crossed*

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