Today was... um... "special"

So, I'll have to make this quick... part of the fun today was that I forgot my power cord at home today, meaning limited computer usage.

Today I:

  • Tried to get here at 9am after being on vacation for 2 weeks... I made it for 9:30.
  • Was trying to get here at 9 for a repair person who was maybe coming because things were unclear before Christmas as to what was happening because someone else was supposed to be here but is still away.
  • Got to school to find the repair person was coming, but not until afternoon, and that no one else would be around.
  • Repair-person and I ran into some odd, odd problems (ever seen copper turn into black flaky stuff?? apparently it can happen! oxidation???? :S )
  • I recruited hubby to help me replace molecule sources... which lead to more fun of cleanning the shutter for the evap in the ultrasonic bath, and I kept dropping it back in when trying to retrive it with tweezers from the beaker.
  • There was mysterious powdery flaky gunk in one cruicible... I'm sure it's carcinogenic... I just have that hunch since I can't seem to avoid getting it floating around everywhere.
  • I dropped a screw that goes in UHV on the dirty, dirty floor... had to clean that again... while the repair-person waited for me to get the evaporator back on... his time is worth $250/hr if I recall correctly. Gulp.
  • The evap wouldn't go back on because the gasket slipped... had to take it off... accidentally touched the gasket, so had to replace it too.

See? Special... and that's day one at work in 2007... should be a good year eh?

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