damn, b... run out of space already!

So, just as I'm starting to really enjoy Flickr, and just as I get a new camera for Christmas, I went to upload some pictures and this pops up...

... ahhh nuts. Should I do it? Should I "go pro"?? It's really not much money... I just dislike paying for web-services. :(

(note: since I'm a mac-user, Picassa is not a solution... windows only. plus, I do enjoy the "photo-community" thing that Flickr has going on... like yesterday when I signed in and found that some talented people had marked two of my photos as favorites!)


Mary said...

Go for it.

I got my camera last month, and have been going a little crazy with it. I did not know about the 200 picture limit, but forked over the cash and now happily waste hours at Flickr that would probably be more productively spent on my dissertation. But, I'm having a good time!

sab said...

Thanks! I've already upgraded to a pro account. Can't wait to make unlimited photosets and upload craploads of pictures!! EEEEEEEEE!!!! :)