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Wired news story: Why Apple Makes Me Cry.

'nuf said.

Damn that Steve Jobs and his brilliant company. How does he do it? Why do we all want it... whatever it they come out with?

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Macroscope said...

And yet, while I'd grudgingly admit that the newer apple computers and whatnot are vastly better than the old macs we cut our teeth on, the thing that I hate the most is the cute/round/white and or pastel appeal of em.

Perhaps its just my contrary nature, if apple tries to get me to like it based on how spiffy it looks, I dislike it all the more just because I hate being pushed in any direction. Thats partly a holdover of how I hated the old mac interface and its herculian effort to spare us stupid users the right or ability to actually do anything it didn't want. I don't honestly think that form of thinking has changed that much at apple, they are just better at hiding it. :)