shiny new apple products

iphone - oooh... yeah, i'd like to phone on iphone... ;) seriously though, this is pretty cool... ipod, pda, portable web and phone all in one. i see people on the bus juggling all these things at the same time and wonder how many times they've dropped them all. so nice to have them in one package.

apple tv - enh. i like the idea of not having wires around, but i'm not super excited here... not yet anyway. i think it's the right direction, but not for me right now.

Airport Extreme (802.11n) - this i like. i mean, faster wireless = good, but shared wireless harddrive for backups? awesome. :D unfortunately, we've already got an airport express... so for now, we'll just stick with that.

summary? given that iphone is with cingular, and thus probably not coming to Canada for awhile, and I probably couldn't afford it anyway, I will remain iphone, or any-phone -less for awhile yet. the others are cool, but not purchases I'm looking to make right now. nope, nothing here to drool over for me really.

Edit: some real photos from Wired

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